A multidisciplinary multimedia journeyby Miriam Parker & Jo-Wood Brown

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InnerCity is a site-specific project comprised of different components or typologies that include: paintings, video, installation and live performance. The project can be exhibited in parts.

InnerCity explores the state of being in-between destinations and how our mind and body can be present in two very different places at the same time.

Miriam Parker and Jo Wood-Brown access this phenomenon within the architecture of the urban environment combining visual, choreographic, film and sonic elements that overlap poetically and metaphorically to create a world between people's dreams.

InnerCity Projects was created in the collaborative dialogue between visual artist Wood-Brown and dancer Parker over a period of several years.

It is built on dialogues between the nature of the fixed or painted image and the time-based nature of movement and has led to the development of mixed media works: installation, film, and performance.

Parker and Wood-Brown are developing installations that use core materials from one or more cities and combine them into a new whole.

Much like the city, the installation is a fixed structure, while it is the pedestrians who activate the space navigating 'location-to-location'.

The installation is about the viewer's transformation as they experience the juxtaposition of realities.

Inner City Projects is developing installations between Berlin and New York, Texas and New York and is interested in working in collaboration with artists in more cities.

The Work

Painting, Performance, Film, Installation


Jo-Wood Brown

New York City-based multimedia artist Wood-Brown has exhibited work widely as a painter and an installation artist in galleries and in site-specific installations throughout the US and in Europe.

Recent venues include: InnerCity Sketches video at The Vision Festival, Roulette, Brooklyn 2012, Apkallu at the Bring to Light Festival, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2011; InnerCity Studio installation on Broadway, NYC 2011; Artist Exchange International exhibitions in Berlin, Wuppertal, Belfast and New York City; Collaborations and installations with musicians, dancers, and filmmakers, Arts for Art, NYC; Public installation, Metropolitan Museum, NYC; Galleries: Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art, NYC; Edward Thorp Gallery, NYC; Fairs: Koln Art Fair, Germany.

She is the founder of Artist Exchange International, which promotes international dialogue in contemporary art issues amongst artists in various countries.

"I see New York City as my canvas, a metropolis that integrates many cultures and time periods where random events occur and where it's people constantly dream and daydream."

"I work as a painter and a multimedia artist. I see myself as a painter who uses the language of paint to begin a conversation with other forms and disciplines that are foreign or outside my media frame."

"I explore what happens when I combine the fixed nature of painting with time-based media and performance. I use juxtapositions that are dyslexic and poetic. They transgress the boundaries between media, discipline, and the five senses.

Miriam Parker

Miriam Parker is a New York City born and bred dancer/performance artist and arts organizer. She has lived in Europe and Israel at which time she worked and studied with Choreographers Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, The Saarbruken ballet.

In recent years she has been building her reputation in collaborative performance art, working with the artist/filmmaker, Katy Martin, Alain Kirili and Anita Glesta.

Miriam Parker's work has been presented in numerous Vision Events in New York and Paris as well as at Under the Bridge Festival etc.

In this past year she has danced with choreographer Sally Silvers, Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks, and Andrea Miller Gallim Dance Company. Miriam and Jo Wood Brown have been creating collaborative installation projects for the past 6 years.

"I see dance as a collection of line light and time in my work with Jo we attempt to extend and stretch the way one experiences the world weaving the exchange of understanding through the experiential and the intellectual. I began looking at the roots of movements, finding the internal path that becomes manifested in space. This brought me to experiment in path/lines, both internal and external. This in turn led me to a fascination with architecture and how architecture evokes mood and implies meaning."

"The music is the X factor. It implies freedom and the intuitive. I continue to look for the take off point, where structure, the music and architecture of the space become equal elements."

Miriam Parker is part of the team that is reshaping Arts for Art into a center of collaborative innovative art in New York. For more information,

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What is the current state of the project?

We are currently developing InnerCity installation in New York, as a model for other urban environments. See current projects (new work)

InnerCity is bringing together artists of different media and nationalities within the context of our work creating platforms for the exchange of ideas concerning the growing need for places of refuge, within the urban environment.

InnerCity focuses on experiential work, to create spaces that can shift ones perspective.

What are the short and long term goals?

In the short term we are exploring different venues for installation that are in diverse neighborhoods as well as commercially trafficked areas of New York City: Pop-up installations with performances and exhibitions.

The long-term goal is to create public installations, bringing into conversation New York with other cities.

How can I present the work?

InnerCity installation is site-specific, comprised of different components or typologies that include: paintings, video, installation and live performance. The project can be exhibited in parts.

For InnerCity installation we are looking for a multi-level or large space ranging from 800 to 2,000 sq. ft.

I am a patron, how can I help?

We exist now on funds and support from The Milton and Sally Avery Foundation, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Arts for Art, private donations and support from museums, and embassies where appropriate.

We are looking for producers and funders for current installations in New York City, or sponsors who would be interested in offering space.

What is the timeline?

2013: We premiered the performance INNERCITY MIGRATIONS at the Vision Festival at Roulette and the INCUBATIO INSTALLATION at Five Myles in Brooklyn. We are looking to explore this work in other venues.

2014-15: We will be presenting INNERCITY POP-UP that explores the installation in commercial environments.

2014-15: Exhibit paintings related to the current work.